Showing Your House for Sale

Showing your home for sale.  What's the sense?

We all think in terms of visual aspects of properties listed for sale.  Staging companies are busy bringing the latest colours and designs to listed properties, and owners are cleaning, painting and photographing the results.  But what about the other senses?  Watching prospective buyers tour a home shows us that the other senses are hard at work.  Noises from outside traffic or echoes from inside acoustics are noticed.  Touch is also at work.  We know kids love to touch, but even adults will be touching.  Floors are walked on, door handles are pulled or turned.  Countertops and handrails are tested.  Window ledges and walls get leaned on.  Countertops get a stroke here and there.  Our sense of smell is working too and is a very powerful influence.  Some smells are generally offensive, like old smoke, or last week's socks.  Some smells give us happy memories and make us feel at home.

When preparing a home for showing, we can think of all these senses:  have soft music playing, make sure all handrails and cabinets work smoothly, fix squeaky floors and hinges, and have a very gentle scent of vanilla or cinnamon in the kitchen to tweak pleasant memories. 

One more thought, my pet peeve actually.  Some homes are very dark to open up.   The buyer's first impression is just very dark, no light, no sparkle, no view, nothing to pick up the mood, or create the "awe" moment.  As an agent, I will be scurrying around trying to open finicky blinds, and find hidden light switches.  We  need to strive for as bright as possible when that door is first opened. Trying to get top dollar out of the market is not a time to save a few cents on power, or green things up with florescent light, which is just not flattering.  So when expecting a showing, open all the blinds, turn on as many lights as possible, preferably incandescent, and then appeal to the other senses as well.  Hopefully, your home will be thought to be in the best of taste

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